10 Social Media Tools That Are Your Best Friend

Looking for tools to help you with scheduling, organizing and analyzing your social media updates? If you have recognized the importance of using multimedia tools to enhance your business marketing, you’re headed in the right direction. Multimedia such as mobile marketing, livecasts and podcasts and image sharing is a powerful way to spread the word about your company. With the right tools in had there’s no stopping you.

The third category tells you of the most influential accounts that follow you, the second category are those that interact with you the most and the first category is a combination of the two. This tool will put into perspective which of your followers needs more of your attention and who you should focus on. It will also give you insight into how and where you need to direct your ecommerce marketing solutions.


This Twitter tool will allow you to find out the time when you will receive maximum exposure for your tweets. You will receive broken down hourly and daily windows of when you can expect the highest engagement. Now you will know exactly when would be the optimum time to post. And what if you’re not available to post during that time? That’s what number 4 is for.


This tool lets you schedule your tweets from any app. It allows you to send a direct message that contains a certain prefix of information on when and what to post. Life made easy!


This Facebook tool will give you a recommendations report on what to change and how to improve your Facebook page. It comes up with statistics and insights into your page as compared to other similar brands or businesses that you probably wouldn’t have spotted yourself. Nothing like a second pair of tech eyes to help you out.

Facebook Custom Audiences

This built-in Facebook tool is very handy if your business caters to a specific audience. Facebook will target the audience of your choosing to maximize exposure to the right kind of clientele. Simply click on the Audiences link under Facebook’s Ads Manager and create custom campaign that target a list of leads or customers.


If you want to know where your content stands on the popularity scale, this is the tool for you. With weekly metrics reports, SharedCount will show you how far and wide your content will spread. This will let you weigh which of your content pieces are more popular than others and will allow you to focus on similar types of content. It’s all about knowing what your audience likes.


If you’re a GIF maniac, like most entrepreneurs are, you will love this app. Having GIF-making tools will come in handy if you regularly use this form of humour to attract your audience on a site like Tumblr or Facebook. GIF away!


This tool will collect your activity on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and will provide you with an email review of your accounts.  Using it for a weekly metrics plan will allow you to zoom out and look at the bigger picture of your social media and extract data and insights from it.


This crafty tool lets you convert long ugly URLs into nice little shortened versions. No more sweating over staying inside the 140 character limit on Twitter that causes you to curse repeatedly at your screen. You know you’ve been there. It can also be used when you’re posting to Facebook, LinkedIn or even in business emails.

Go ahead and look into them, and watch them work wonders for your business.