Art Living on Blockchain

The blockchain has received a lot of attention within the last several years with significant hype about its potential to change various aspects of our lives. While many teams are working to use the blockchain in order to bring innovations to finance, legal interactions or social media, Predictive Art is using the blockchain to streamline art auctions. All operations are being done completely on the blockchain. Let’s look into the benefits this brings.

Benefits of Auctioning Art Work on Blockchain

The team believes that blockchain art is the way to go:

First, all data is recorded on the blockchain, so nobody (even the organizer) can make any changes.

Second, the “non-fungible” tokens, built on top of the Waves platform, enable parties to transact easily and fast.

Third, the auctions are built upon the Wave platform which is one of the fastest and cheapest platforms out there (also, it’s super environmentally-conscious, unlike Bitcoin).

If you are into arts, you just need to learn more about Predictive Art, so that you can be among the first in your arts-inclined circles to start talking about the technical marvel that just might change the arts auctioning as we know it.