Tips for cleaning marble floors

Marble is one of the oldest building materials that is still very popular nowadays. Modern interiors are often decorated with windowsills, tabletops, and floors made of this natural stone. Translated from the Greek word “marble” means “brilliant stone” and polished marble really has a beautiful glossy surface.

But to take care of this wonderful material is a quite complicated process, that is why it is better to apply to the professional floor cleaning services. Nevertheless, if you want to clean marble floors on your own, we will give you some useful tips.


  • No acids! Marble is a carbonate rock and this material is afraid of any acids. Even contact with household citric or acetic acid can disfigure the marble with ugly potholes.
  • More softness. Cleaning of marble floors should be done with soft brushes or special nozzles on the vacuum cleaner. Hard contact with plastic or iron parts of cleaning equipment can also damage the surface of the polished marble.
  • Only soap solution or special supplies. It is possible to clean marble surfaces only with a soft rag or a sponge soaked in a soap solution of low concentration. Never use abrasive pastes to clean even the strongest dirt.
  • Regular polishing. Marble surfaces require constant grinding for keeping their smooth and gloss. There are special wax compounds, which you can rub in the cleaned surface of the marble. This procedure should be done at least 3-4 times a year.

We hope our tips will be useful to you!