4 Steps to High Efficiency During Guitar Practices

Your guitar practices can bring more results if you approach the matter properly. It’s a smart idea to come up with a strategy of lessons and do everything possible for them to be effective. Follow these 4 steps to raise the lessons’ efficiency.

Practice the guitar using 4 steps method

The 1st step doesn’t have anything to do with the actual practice. You need to set up your space. Remove all the distractions and arrange the things you might need close at hand. Be smart and get a comfortable chair and desk. Make sure you get some privacy and turn the place in your distraction-free zone.

Your next rule should be to make an appointment with yourself. Stop being busy and schedule your classes even if you practice alone. Make it a habit to practice 30 to 40 minutes at least 3 times per week. If your calendar is full, look for free spots and reserve the time for your music. Stick to the schedule and observe how commitment reflects on your achievements.

Step No. 3 is to organize yourself. Take notes on what you are learning at the moment and keep everything in one place. For instance, when you learn Hotel California guitar sheet music, print it out and keep in the same folder or binder lest you lost the parts.

The final step is to actually be present at the practice. Don’t just repeat the same chord mindlessly. Be present and focus your mind on what and how you are doing things. Work on your problems one at a time and you’ll improve your skills greatly.