Kanye West’s one of the strangest music releases ever

Kanye West personally changed hip-hop (and pop music) in the last decade. He has done it by changing the very idea of a rapper. He has 7 outstanding albums, each of which has brought something to the genre.

The last album of the Kanye West corporation

This is definitely the most spontaneous, strange and frank album that Kanye has ever made. There are many claims to it – not a wide variety of texts, predictable musical arrangements, and no integrity in the disc. Even if to listen without no order – there will be no difference. However, it is still commercially successful. Thereby, only one thing is clear here – nowadays in the hip-hop industry, only Kanye can release such albums. This is what makes him truly the main rapper in the world.

This spring, he made some really strange statements in support of Trump. But it seems that only for the first sight. The rapper used the moment for promotion and announced the release of the album. This person does nothing without the reason. Thereby, all the strange things in the release are on their places, where Kanye carefully placed them. Here you can  download free popular songs to learn about the artist and be aware of the existing trends in all music genres.

In the album, the artist tells that he feels nothing and that this makes him free. It seems that bipolar disorder is the main issue of the album. Jeremih, Young Thug, Kid Cudi, John Legend and Nicki Minaj took part in the recording, which brought at least some bright colors to slightly monotonous release.