What You Should Do to Make Your Perfume Last Longer on You

There are many ways you can prolong the life of the applied perfume. Some of them require a bit of preparation but it’s totally worth it.

Top 3 ways to extend the life of your fragrance

When you see the gift sets with perfume, you can see that the brand offers shower gel and body lotion with it. This is because they want you to learn the fragrance layering. When you get such set at PerfumeDor, you’ll realize that every product in the box enhances the effect of the previous one. Together they form 3 layers that help your body keep the scent longer.

In case you don’t have such a set, you can use a fragrance-free lotion or cream. They’ll keep your skin moisturized and the skin, in its turn, will be able to save the fragrance on it. Fragrances evaporate from the dry skin much sooner.

Another tip on how to prolong the scent on you is to spray the hairbrush with the perfume before using it. Remember that perfumes contain alcohol that can dry your hair, so don’t overdo it.

It’s also a smart move to carry a miniature of the same perfume in your purse. This way the original bottle won’t be broken or spoiled by heat, humidity, etc. and you’ll be able to add more fragrance when needed. Combine these methods to achieve the maximum effect.